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APA Board of Directors Special Meeting


This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Thursday, April 24.

APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING: The APA board of directors resumed its special meeting today at 9 a.m.

Today's session began with a presentation by governance project team members FO Chris Ramsey, FO David Hardy and FO Randy Nuss that featured a series of observations and recommendations about the use of technology to improve collaboration and communication within APA. The presentation also addressed advantages to streamlining the national committee structure, standardizing the domicile committee structure and domicile Web pages, and restructuring various elements of the board of directors. Project participants emphasized that their recommendations are designed to help APA function more efficiently and effectively and to increase membership engagement. The board will receive further governance project-related briefings at next month's spring meeting.

Members of the APA communications department presented an overview of a proposed APA-branded merchandise program that would enable pilots to purchase quick-dry sport shirts, commuter coffee mugs, mini Maglite flashlights and other high-quality items bearing the APA logo via an online store. All merchandise would be union-made in the United States and Canada. The board approved a motion directing that APA proceed with this effort. We'll provide additional details in the coming weeks.

Training Committee Chairman CA Rob Fogel and committee members CA Brian Tighe and CA Hank Putek gave an overview of Letter F, which is a letter of agreement between the company and the unions (APA and USAPA) outlining the responsibilities and limitations on all parties in the use of the company-issued iPads. This letter is the product of a months-long collaborative effort between the committee, the American Airlines training department and USAPA. The board voted unanimously to approve Letter F. All pilots will soon receive instructions on the installation of the Mobile Device Management application, which will be used to stage applications for pilots' use such as Comply 365 (the new document reader) and Jeppesen FD to include digital en-route charts. Also, the Training Committee addressed third-quarter distance learning, expressing optimism that APA will play an appropriate role determining distance learning content going forward.

In other actions today, the board waived policy in order to appoint FO Carrie Giles and FO Brian Smith to serve as regular members of the Negotiating Committee until scheduled elections at the fall board meeting. Also, the board approved a motion to waive policy and exempt Negotiating Committee members from the requirement to maintain aircraft qualification and landing currency until the conclusion of joint collective bargaining agreement negotiations. In addition, the board approved a motion directing that at future board meetings, members will be seated alphabetically by base (BOS, [CLT], DCA, DFW, LAX, LGA, MIA, [PHL], [PHX], ORD, STL).

Also today, the board voted to approve R2014-25, Rev 1, "APA Interim Economic Relief for AA Pilots on Reserve," which directs APA to secure a "make whole" provision in any settlement or agreement with management resolving the Reserve Notification/FAR 117 grievance that "fully reimburses reserve pilots who have suffered financial harm resulting from MA/MT pay deductions as a consequence of adhering to APA's Reserve Coverage Guidelines during this dispute." Also, "any corresponding MA/MT codes placed in a pilot's personnel and/or activity record, as a result of adherence to APA's Reserve Coverage Guidelines, shall be removed as part of any grievance settlement or agreement." Furthermore, "in the event a restorative agreement is not achieved, the President and Secretary-Treasurer will be directed to utilize Association's standing reserve funds to satisfy the 'make whole' provision for Reserve pilots harmed prior to resolution of this dispute."

The board adjourned its meeting mid-day. Please note that all presentations from this week's meeting are posted online for your reference, along with the agenda for the regularly scheduled spring meeting. Also, an updated voluntary pledge form has been posted for APA volunteers bearing the new airline's official corporate name.

That's it for now. Thank you for checking this hotline.


LGA—May 7, Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott. Begins at 10 a.m., coffee and bagels at 9:30 a.m. Special guests CA Dave Brown of the Negotiating Committee and FO Carrie Giles of the FT/DT Subcommittee.

ORD—May 7, 10 a.m.–2 p.m., VFW Post 3579. Doors open at 9 a.m. RSVP.


ORD—May 31, 9 a.m., Galt Airport–10C. All ages are welcome. Pancake breakfast fly-in/drive-in. RSVP.


ORD—April 25, Fountain Blue. Cocktails 5:30 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. Please RSVP: Rick Butler or Fred Landbeck.


MIA—May 19, Hilton Miami Airport. Please see agenda for RSVP and other information.


DFW—May 19, Lantana Golf Club, benefiting Pilots for Kids. DFW domicile will sponsor 12 players. Players representing APA will be chosen by drawing from list of members in good standing two days after SEP closes. After May bids are awarded, please email CA Steve Thomas with your contact information to enter drawing.

DCA—May 29, Andrews Air Force Base, proceeds go to Charlie Peavler family. $100 ($40 dinner only). See DCA email for details.

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