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Pay Comp Issues


This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Thursday, March 19.

PAY COMP ISSUES: APA Contract Administration has received numerous calls regarding pay errors related to short-call reserve 76-hour adjustments, reassignments, reserve fly-through and premium pay.

Callers have expressed understandable frustration at being unable to connect with pay compensation for weeks. Evidently, the company failed to allocate sufficient IT resources and manpower to handle the increased workload sparked by JCBA-related contractual changes, which require manual entries. Considering pay comp is also tasked with combining the LAA and LUS payrolls, the need for additional staffing should not have come as any surprise.

We highly encourage all pilots to examine their pay compensation and monthly activity sheets. If you find an error, please contact your chief pilot’s office for assistance. Your APA leadership is seeking a remedy to this unfortunate situation in discussions with senior management.

That’s it for now. Thank you for checking this hotline.


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