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This is APA Communications Director Gregg Overman with the APA Information Hotline for Wednesday, Dec. 19.
BANKRUPTCY COURT APPROVES APA-AMERICAN AIRLINES AGREEMENT: During a hearing today in New York, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane approved the APA-American Airlines Collective Bargaining Agreement that our membership ratified on Dec. 7. Also today, Judge Lane denied a motion filed by a group of pilots seeking to preserve the lump-sum benefit in accordance with the language in Supplement B of the old Green Book. Judge Lane’s ruling on that motion enables the agreed-to freeze of the A Plan to proceed, thereby averting plan termination.
APA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING UPDATE: The APA Board of Directors reconvened at 9 a.m. Central today at union headquarters in Fort Worth, spending the morning in a closed-session discussion with Equity Distribution Ad Hoc Committee. The focus of the briefing was eligibility criteria for distribution to special status pilots (non-APA members, furloughed pilots, long-term disability, etc.).
The Board has also been receiving periodic updates from Negotiating Committee Chairman First Officer Neil Roghair concerning the ongoing four-party discussions between AMR and US Airways management, APA and the US Airline Pilots Association representing US Airways pilots. These discussions are aimed at crafting a memorandum of understanding that would serve as an interim agreement while a merger is undertaken. Along with providing us an opportunity to make incremental improvements to our contract, the MOU would also address the two pilot groups’ merger-related priorities and concerns.
That’s it for now. We will provide further updates as warranted. Thanks for checking this hotline.
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