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This is APA Communications Chairman First Officer Tom Hoban with the APA Information Hotline for Monday, Nov. 5.
APA PLACES FULL-PAGE AD IN USA TODAY: APA placed a full-page advertisement in USA Today in Monday’s edition. The ad, which ran on page 5B, features a photo of a captain’s hat and a lengthy statement from Miami-based Captain Robert Gaylord, who has been an American Airlines pilot and APA member in good standing for nearly 25 years. Captain Gaylord’s statement, in part, reads: “I was an Air Force U-2 pilot and American Airlines came to my base and others to recruit pilots, including the commander of Air Force One. American recruited us because they needed our skills to make their business work – without professional aviators, there is no airline.

“I have the lives of hundreds of people in my hands every day and I have responsibility for a $20+ million asset, flown at all hours of the day and night, in all weather conditions into some of the most demanding airports in the world. I have more life and death responsibility every day than any surgeon. Professional pilots are in short supply worldwide – we cannot be outsourced or easily replaced.
“The pilots voted down American Airlines’ last contract offer because it was an insulting attack on our profession. We will not cut our own throats to cover for management’s failures over the last decade.”
Click here to see the full advertisement, which APA believes captures the sentiments of many of our members. Thank you to Captain Gaylord for his willingness to serve as a spokesperson for his fellow pilots.

The APA National Officers and domicile representatives have received a variety of requests for assistance due to the impact of Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to help fellow pilots who have lost their homes or experienced other serious losses as a result of the storm, we encourage you to contribute to the APA Emergency Relief Fund. We have established a PayPal link on for contributions. Click here to donate. 
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