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Fellow pilots,

With the resumption of bargaining, we want to emphasize to you our commitment to attaining an industry-standard contract.

It’s likewise imperative that AMR management understands what we are seeking to accomplish in these negotiations. We have made it clear at the bargaining table that there will be no agreement unless our objectives, as delineated in the counter proposal we have presented, are appropriately addressed.  “Son of LBFO” or some derivation thereof will not meet the minimum standard set by the pilots of American Airlines and reinforced by our network-carrier peers.

The priority items APA has identified are reasonable, consistent with industry standards and will enable American Airlines to complete a successful restructuring. They include, but aren’t limited to:

- Eliminate Group II pay band and move the A-319 into Group III, with a weighted industry average before year three
- Pay rates that align us with our network-carrier peers at Delta and United
- Codeshare restrictions in line with those in the US Airways conditional labor agreement
- Contract duration that is shorter than the six-year duration in management’s “last, best, final offer”
- Hard furlough protection that reflects date of signing for the junior pilot
- An industry-standard pension
- An equity claim that can be monetized and has an established “hard floor” protection
- A non-punitive sick policy, with APA control of sick vendor for verification of usage
- No-cost items such as deadhead priority
- Contract language governing layover hotel selection
- Industry-standard per diem (for example, DAL pilots’ $2.25 domestic/$2.70 international)
- Scope limits that include a hard cap or percentage limits on the 50- to 76-seat jets

To summarize, we look forward to a prompt resolution to the ongoing talks and to an industry-standard contract that properly recognizes the value our pilots provide to American Airlines. At this juncture, the onus is on AMR to bargain expeditiously and in good faith. “Kicking the can” delay tactics will not stand.

We will keep you informed as bargaining developments dictate.

In unity,

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