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APA Government Affairs     

Government Affairs

The Allied Pilots Association in Washington, D.C.

The Allied Pilots Association (APA) leadership—representing the 11,000 pilots who fly for American Airlines—understands that the future direction of the airline pilot profession will be determined in large measure by policymakers in Washington, D.C. The APA Government Affairs Committee is entrusted with serving as the voice of APA pilots in our nation's capital.

APA’s positions on important aviation safety- and security-related issues are based on the pilot's perspective as a subject-matter expert. All APA Government Affairs Committee members are current line-flying pilots for American Airlines with thousands of hours of experience in large civilian transport and high-performance military aircraft.

APA’s legislative success can be partially attributed to the strength of the union’s Political Action Committee (PAC) fund. The APA PAC is used solely for congressional campaigns and does not fund any other APA expenses or salaries.

APA is also a member of the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations, which includes approximately 28,000 professional pilots who work for a variety of passenger and cargo carriers.

APA’s Principal Legislative Interests:

  • Strengthen the profession to attract and retain the most highly experienced pilots possible.
  • Promote and support regulatory policies that enhance aviation safety and security.
  • Enhance pilot qualifications and training.
  • Minimize the impact of Chapter 11 reorganization on the career expectations of our pilots.
  • Encourage technical corrections and program improvements to the Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) Program.
  • Promote reform of the federal aviation regulations on flight and duty time to reduce the risk of flight crew fatigue. Duty day, daily flight hours, ultra long-range flying and international reserve rest are all of concern.
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